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Presented by Heritage Lacrosse

9th Annual Patriot Games

July 16-17, 2016

Registration is now open!


Thanks to all the coaches, players, officials, parents, fans, staff, vendors and sponsors who participated in the 2015 Patriot Games. The Tournament featured 130 teams, representing 9 states. We had a great group of teams, players, coaches and parents!

RESULTS ARE POSTED: Scores for all games are posted on a bracket-by-bracket basis, see Schedule. The competition was generally strong and many were decided in overtime, including a number of Braveheart situations. In 2016, the tournament will be based entirely on graduation year and grade to simplify registration and scheduling, given the way clubs increasingly are organizing their summer squads.

DICK’S SPORTING GOODS TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS: The Patriot Games is an Official Qualifying Tournament for the Dick’s Sporting Goods-sponsored National Tournament of Champions, which will take place in Wesley Chapel, Florida in January 2016. Based on their success in our event, we will be in contact with certain teams who are eligible for an invitation and hope they will mobilize their group to take advantage of the opportunity.

TEAM PICTURES/PHOTOS: We have posted the winners and finalist in each bracket on the Tournament website, see Results. Congratulations to our winners. We are in the process of construction a picture gallery with pictures from this year’s event.

SPORTSMANSHIP: As we hoped, the competition was consistent with our Honor the Game philosophy. We are grateful to the coaches, players, teams and those in their retinue who generally adhered to high standards of play and sportsmanship on and off the field, based largely on the sportsmanship scorecards that were completed by our officials after each game. Game results also include the sportsmanship scores in the “Notes” section. No other tournament we are aware of collects or posts sportsmanship data in such a transparent manner. Our goal is to influence behavior in a positive way. Thanks to all of you who take sportsmanship seriously and for your role in helping to foster a positive and enjoyable tournament experience for everyone. We believe lacrosse is a special game and we care about the culture and the community. We know most of you do too.

NOTES OF APPRECIATION: As always, a special note of thanks to Central Bucks Athletic Association for permitting us to use their wonderful Herbst Field Complex for the event, as well as to the adjacent property owners for making portions of their land available for off-site parking. And special thanks as well to New Hope-Solebury School Districts and their respective boosters for allowing us to use their top notch facilities and for their enthusiastic support in general for our event! AND FINALLY, A HEARTFELT “THANK YOU” TO ALL PLAYERS, COACHES, OFFICIALS, PARENTS, FANS, VENDORS AND SPONSORS FOR PARTICIPATING IN OUR EVENT!

FEEDBACK: We welcome your feedback and invite you to contact us with any comments and suggestions. We are always looking to address any issues that come to our attention, whether in a remedial way or otherwise to improve the event going forward. To provide feedback or comments, please click here: Feedback.

On behalf of the Tournament organizers and the Bucks County Visitor’s Bureau, we appreciate your participation and sportsmanship and hope you had a fun and festive time Cradling in the Cradle of Liberty!© We look forward to seeing you again at the Patriot Games Lacrosse Showcase and Festival the weekend of July 16-17, 2016. Please mark your calendars and spread the word; registration will open soon. We will notify all the teams that participated this year so you can reserve your spot.

In the meantime, please wear those 2015 Tournament, “Caution Flying Balls” and “Go Native” T-shirts proudly and, as our native forbears did, keep playing for the joy of the Creator! Remember, as our indigenous predecessors knew very well, the ball is the medicine. Keeping moving the medicine and shooting the pill!

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