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Presented by Heritage Lacrosse

8th Annual Patriot Games

July 18-19, 2015


Coaches, Players, Parents and Fans,

Greetings, this is to help you optimize your Patriot Games Lacrosse Championship experience. Below are details to help you prepare and avoid surprises. There is always the human factor, so please pay attention to the design, plan ahead and contribute to the success of the event. Please check emails and the home page for alerts or updates –

PLAYER REGISTRATION: All players must be registered on the team’s roster to participate. Player registration is easy, just go to the Player Registration page.

  • Coaches are expected to review their rosters and certify that all their players have completed the registration process.

BRACKETS / SCHEDULES / SITES: Draft schedules are posted, we don’t anticipate any material changes, but check again later in the week and confirm you have the latest version (all versions are dated – see Schedule).

  • Check the Schedule / Know Your Venue – every year we have players/parents who arrive at the wrong site. That’s regrettable! And preventable!!
    Fields 1-8 Herbst Field Complex 5472 Durham Road (Route 413), Pipersville, PA 18947
    Fields 9-16 New Hope–Solebury High School Campus 180 West Bridge Street (Route 179), New Hope, PA 18947
  • Start Times – Games start at 8:50 am, gates will open at 7:30 am, allowing time to arrive, get situated, get coffee/breakfast on site (food vendors will serve breakfast items).
  • COACHES PLEASE CHECK IN: Check in your team; leave us know where your team tents are; leave us with cell phone information for lost and found and other purposes.


  • Please review the Parking Protocols/Site Layout Maps; advance planning is critical (see Venues / Directions / Parking).
  • There is plenty of on-site Parking at New Hope-Solebury (read on for Herbst)
    • ON-SITE PARKING AT HERBST – PARKING PASSES REQUIREDOnly vehicles with parking passes will be permitted to park in the Herbst Field Complex.
      • We mailed 4 Herbst Parking Passes to team contacts to be distributed strategically; consolidate tents/kids/equipment in vehicles with passes (SUVs are a smart choice, they also provide more shelter from passing storms).
      • Display the Parking Passes (face up) on your dashboard at all times, whether queuing on Durham Road on arrival or after parking in the lot. All passes have club names/coaches phone numbers on them…
    • DROP OFFS ARE DISCOURAGED (drop offs create congestion and slow access)
    • OFF-SITE PARKING AT HERBST – Off-site parking will be on nearby grass fields. They will be used in order of sequence: Lot 1 – Yerkes (very close to Fields 5-8); Lot 2 – Luberto’s (close to Fields 1-4); Lot 3 – Pfieffer.
      • No parking is permitted on Luberto Restaurant’s macadam parking areas, those areas are exclusively for store patrons.
      • Please be careful crossing or exiting onto Durham Road!


    • 3 Coach Maximum on the Sideline/Bench Area (based on experience and the request of our officials)
    • US Lacrosse Rules apply for all youth divisions
    • National Federation High School Rules apply for all high school brackets, except as modified
    • For the Rules / Format, see Some Highlights:
      • No big or blatant hits, no unnecessary roughness.
      • 3-YARD RULE: No body checks to any player unless the player is within 3 yards (not 5 yards) of a loose ball or ball in flight (i.e. no “runs”). Checks that are otherwise within 3 yards will still be scrutinized for unnecessary roughness.
    • Please coach the kids to play smart and under control in the heat of battle. Please respect our officials and remain cool even if you do not agree with the call. Honor the Game!

TOURNAMENT SAFETY: Please take a moment to review the policies/procedures regarding safety and adverse weather conditions (thunder/lightening; heat/humidity; etc.) so everyone is fully prepared, particularly for any challenges from Mother Nature (see Policies and Procedures).

TOURNAMENT T-SHIRTS: The special edition 2015 Tournament T-Shirts, the ever popular “Caution Flying Balls” T-Shirts and our new “Go Native” T-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes will be on sale at Tournament HQs at each site while supplies last – see T-Shirts. Supplies have not lasted in the past, so be an early bird with regard to Tournament T-Shirts. This year’s Tournament T-Shirt theme is “Framing the Constitution – Philly Style.” T-Shirts will feature high quality cotton with original artwork and a quality silk screen.

NO GRILLS, DOGS OR ALCHOHOL: No grills are permitted our venues, except those of our licensed/insured food vendors. Please do not jeopardize our use of the sites or your program’s future involvement in this event by testing this prohibition. It’s a liability issue given the use of potential explosives and we don’t want grilling as a courtesy to our vendors.


  • There will be food/beverage, equipment, apparel and specialty vendors at each of the sites (see Vendors.
    • Our Food/Refreshment vendors will feature reasonable prices and an assortment of food and beverages choices, including breakfast sandwiches (bacon, egg and cheese), chicken, burgers/dogs, fruit salad, coffee, soda, water, smoothies, snow cones, lemon sticks, donuts, fries, funnel cakes, etc. Vendors at each site and their particular offerings are listed on the web site.
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Scott Pilling Photography will be on hand at the Patriot Games and taking pictures of your team if you line it up in advance. The company’s clients include Sports Illustrated and professional teams. If your team signs up for coverage, ALL participating players on your team will be photographed and your team will be given 5 DVDs which may be reproduced further. Teams that sign up in advance will have priority in the event of conflict; the company will work with your schedule and select the appropriate game(s). Please direct all inquiries and requests to the company directly ASAP:; (w) 732-770-3817. SPP will be taking requests from teams ask to have their games very well documented! The company is independent and not affiliated with the tournament operator.

“FUN ZONE” ACTIVITIES: The American Indoor Lacrosse Association will be conducting clinics for players and coaches throughout the event. Clinic subjects will include inside shooting and finishing, two-man game, pick and rolls, interchanging, handling the ball under pressure in tight spaces, the box game and strategies. Stop by and meet the AILA clinicians.

TRAINERS / SAFETY TAG: We will have certified trainers (and an AED) at each site. We are working with Safety Tag to capture certain player information in the registration process. We are giving our trainers access to the Safety Tag mobile solution to obtain player information in real time and capture and report assessment data and treatment/follow-up recommendations. Keep an eye out for emails from Safety Tag. Parents are asked to consider updating their son’s player profile with one or more of the following: 1) a picture, 2) any health condition that trainers would need to be aware of, and 3) fill out any other profile information that may be missing. Coaches are asked to designate someone to be their Safety Tag sponsor for the tournament to aid the player with the trainer in logging the injury of incident.


  • Please read the Code of Conduct to ensure coaches, players and parents are all on the same page and adhere to high standards of play and sportsmanship. We want to enjoy the event and every year there are parents and coaches who are outliers in terms of everyone’s expectations. Please do not be an outlier!! If you cannot keep things positive from the sidelines, you are at the wrong tournament!!! See Code of Conduct.
  • Teams will be recognized for sportsmanship based largely on staff observations and sportsmanship scorecards kept by officials and site marshals after each game, taking into account the spirit of the game and conduct on both sides of the field, including spectators. That recognition, more than anything else, should be every team’s goal.
  • We post the sportsmanship scores along with the game scores, so the process is transparent in that regard. We are not aware of any other event that does this in an effort to keep the culture positive during the event. The process is not perfect, but the scores are generally indicative of what our officials and site marshals witness and experience. We all know good and bad sportsmanship when we see it. Someday the process will be more scientific. For now, talk to your coaches and parents and avoid being outliers on our sportsmanship rating scale.

Please have a safe trip! We look forward to seeing you at the Patriot Games!! Let’s all have some fun celebrating, for most, the end of the summer tournament circuit and the great game of Lacrosse!

Chris Bates
Patrick Carney
Scott Growney

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