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U11 (2023/2024) Stick Length Rules

  • Our tournament rules have always followed US Lacrosse stick length requirements.  We still want to do that, but we are aware there have been issues at many tournament this summer regarding stick length matters.  We are putting all teams, coaches and parents that we want to resolve these issues as amicably as possible.
  • We expect teams to play with U11 compliant sticks as much as possible.  These rules apply to 2024 and 2023 graduation years.
  • That said, there are teams that are playing with longer sticks and who do not follow US Lacrosse guidelines.  Therefore, if two teams want to stipulate and play with long sticks, they can do that with mutual consent.
  • We do not want to ask parents to cut very expensive shafts to play in the tournament, many parents have voiced concern about this.  However, parents and coaches are on notice that we want them to bring compliant sticks and they should use their reasonable efforts to do so.  
  • As a precaution, teams that are able to play with longer sticks may bring them just in case they encounter a team that is, regrettably, adamant about playing with them notwithstanding our tournament preference and philosophy.  Teams are authorized to use long poles if they encounter a team that will not abide by our preference.  
  • We want these issues resolved in the spirit of the game.  We, as tournament directors, have a tournament to run and do not want to be enmeshed in disputes between teams that cannot agree.  Where a team/coach will not agree, the game will be played without the long poles.  

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